UK Human Resources

Update Your Info: Addresses

What You Need to Know: 

The myUK Addresses feature allows you to review and update your home address, work address, and emergency contact information.

Login to the myUK portal to update your personal information. If you need help logging in, this guide can help.

  1. ​To access the Addresses feature, first click on the "Personal Information" menu item.
  2. Then click on the "Personal Profile" link displayed on the Personal Information main page.
  3. Your past and current home and work addresses that the University has on file will be displayed. Click "Permanent Residence" to make changes to your home address.
  4. Once you make your changes on your address, click "Save and Back."
  5. This feature also includes an option to edit your work address or add an emergency contact. As with the home address feature, click "Save and Back" when you are done.