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Web Based Trainings: Review Completed

What You Need to Know: 

UK HealthCare employees are required to complete periodic online web-based training (WBT). This page provides instructions for reviewing completed courses to make sure you have met mandatory course requirements. This is simple to do.

Note: As mandatory courses (as shown in steps above) are completed, the listing for each will move to a "Completed Courses" list you can review in the following way.

  1. Login to the myUK ESS portal at myuk.uky.edu. If you need help, visit this guide first.
  2. Click on the "Employee Self-Service" tab, then click on "Training."
  3. When the new window appears, again click on "Training".
  4. From the main "Training" page (highlighted in steps 1-4 above), click on the "Training Activities" link under the My Learner Account menu to the left, as shown below.
  5. The next page will display both classes you have scheduled (in the first list) and Completed Courses immediately below. You may select the tabs at the top of the "Completed Courses" window to limit your listing to Web-Based Trainings only.