1. Login to the myUK portal to update your personal information. If you need help logging in, this guide can help.

  2. To access the Benefits Enrollment feature, first click on the "Benefits and Payment" menu item.

  3. Then click on the "Benefits" link, displayed on the Benefits and Payment main page.

  4. If you are a new employee enrolling in benefits for the first time, click on the "Hire" link displayed on the Benefits and Payment main page (directly under the "Adjustment Reason Enrollments" heading). Otherwise, select one of the other available adjustment reasons. 

  5.  A list of all available benefit plans will appear. Select a benefit and click "Add Plan," "Edit Plan," or "Remove Plan." You may also view details about plans in which you are currently enrolled byclicking the links under the "Remarks" column.

  6. Select a plan. For most plans, you will be able to select whether spouse/dependents are covered.Click "Select Dependents" to display a list of your dependents. (This example shows enrollment for the UK-HMO health plan, UK-HMO. Follow similar steps to enroll for other benefit plans.)


  7. Once you are finished enrolling for plans, click "Review Enrollment."


  8. Click "Save" to complete your enrollment. Your enrollment is not complete unless you click save.


  9. Once your enrollment is complete, click on "Print New Plan Selections" to generate a document that lists your enrolled plans.