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Update Your Info: Bank Information

What You Need to Know: 

The myUK Bank Information feature allows new employees to easily set up direct deposit of UK paycheck. Employees may review, add, or edit your bank information for direct deposit at any time using this system. To help ensure the security of your information, the Bank Information function has been recently updated include additional validation steps.

University of Kentucky policy generally requires that all payroll transactions be sent electronically via direct deposit, with rare exceptions. If you close your bank account, you must update your bank information. Should you have an extenuating circumstance that would require receipt of a "live" paycheck, you will need to complete the Business Procedure Exception Request Form and submit to the Payroll Office located at 340 Peterson Service Building.

  1. Login to the myUK portal to update your personal information.

    If you need help logging in, this guide can help.
  2. From the Employee Services Overview page, click on "Personal Information."
  3. Click on the "Personal Profile" link.

The next steps in the process vary slightly, depending on whether you are an existing employee (who already has direct deposit) established OR if you are a (new) employee setting up direct deposit for the first time. Continue below if you simply need to update existing bank information in myUK or click here if you are a new employee setting up bank information for the first time.  

Updated Process for Existing Employees to Update/Change Bank Information

Please note: As part of new online security measures, your existing bank account number will not automatically display in myUK, though you will see the bank name and routing number. If you want to change bank accounts for direct deposit, you will need both your current bank account number and new bank account number. This requirement is intended to prevent potential hackers from viewing and/or updating your most vital account information. 

  1. To change your existing main bank information, select the "Add" icon, and select "Main Bank."

    The bank routing number is visible along with the bank name, but the account number is not displayed. 

  2. Enter the new bank account's routing number, account type and account number on the bank details screen.  In order to save the record, you must also provide the existing main bank account number for validation. Once section is complete, click the "Save" button.

    Once validated, you will see a message confirming that you have updated bank information successfully. You will also receive an email notifying you that an update of your bank information was completed through myUK.  

​Adding a Secondary (Other) Bank

If you already have direct deposit set up and wish to add or change a secondary (other) bank (to receive a portion of your paycheck via direct deposit), select "Other Bank" from the "Bank Information" menu of your Personal Profile. Otherwise, the process is the same as the main bank instructions above.  

Process for New Employees to Set Up Bank Information for the First Time

  1. After following the instructions above to access your "Personal Profile," click the appropriate bank creation button. Click "Main Bank" to add or edit your main bank. To add another bank click the "Other Bank" button.
    Enter your bank's routing number in the "Bank Code" field: If you are inputting information for a checking account, you will be able to find your account and routing numbers at the bottom of one of your personal checks. The routing number is a 9-digit number and will appear in between two "transit symbols" on your check (see diagram above). If you are using a savings account and your bank's routing number does not appear on your savings account deposit slips, you may need to contact your bank for the routing number. Enter your account number and select the account type: The default start date for your changes to take effect is the next available pay period. If you would like to delay the account becoming valid, you may select a date in the future by selecting "Valid From." After you input your bank information, click "Save and Back" to finish.
  3. OR, NEW OTHER BANK: ESS allows you to allocate your pay via direct deposit to additional banks. Select the "Other Bank" function to do this. To add a secondary bank, first enter your bank's routing number in the "Bank Code" field (see above for instructions on how to find your bank's routing number). Enter your account number and select the account type. When adding a secondary bank you may specify either a percentage or dollar amount to be deposited into the account. The default start date for your changes to take effect is the next available pay period. If you'd like to delay the start date of your secondary account, you may select a future date. If you'd like to use the account for a specific period of time, select "Valid From/To." When you are done, click "Save and Back."