1. Log into myUK using your link blue ID and password.

2. Click on the “Employee Self Service” tab.

3. Choose the “Benefits and Payment” option.

4. Locate the Payment Section and click “Election for Online W-2.”

5. If the field below Status is blank, as shown below, for the Election for Online W-2/W-2c header, click on the "New Election" option and choose "elect for University of Kentucky."

Otherwise, skip to No. 6.

select new election university of kentucky

6. If the “Election period open” row is populated, highlight the row and additional election information will display for review.

a. Name
b. Social Security Number
c. Election validity dates: The years your election choice will remain valid. The 12/31/9999 date represents that there is no end date.
d. Tax Company: UK00/University of Kentucky
e. Election period dates: The open election period for employees to elect for online W-2s.
f. Additional Information: Used to provide important online W-2 information to employees.



7. On the Election Details header click “Receive W-2 Online.”

8. A confirmation box will pop up to confirm your election to receive an electronic 2015 Form W-2 online through myUK Employee Self Service. If you agree to receive your 2015 Form W-2 electronically, click "OK."

9. You will receive the message “Data saved successfully” in the upper left corner of the election screen.

10. Click the “Back” button to return to the Employee Services menu.

You have completed your election to receive your Form W-2 online through Employee Self Service!


*** Should you choose to change your election to receive a paper W-2 please follow the same steps above but choose option “Receive W-2 in paper” on step 7. ***