UK Human Resources


The following broadcast email message was sent to UK staff and faculty on July 10, 2014.

To: UK Staff and Faculty
From: UK Human Resources
Date: Thursday, July 10
Subject: 2014-15 University Holiday Schedule

An updated version of the University of Kentucky’s 2014-15 holiday schedule is now available online here.

Looking ahead to the winter holiday season, please note the University will close our main academic campus after the work day on Wednesday, December 24 and re-open on Monday, January 5. For eligible campus (non-UK HealthCare) employees, the extended closure will provide one additional special holiday – Friday, January 2 – beyond the four (December 26-31) typically provided in most years.  It will also generate significant savings on energy and transportation costs during what would otherwise be a one-day work week.

Because the University’s clinical facilities remain open throughout the special holiday period, this additional one-day closure will not affect UK HealthCare areas. As a result, employees on the UK HealthCare payroll system (hospitals, clinics, College of Medicine clinical departments, University Health Service, corporate offices) and Clinical Faculty will receive the standard four days of holiday leave.

For more details on employee use of holiday leave, please see HR Policy & Procedure #83.0: Holiday Leave.