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We have 3 categories for HR Employee recognition:

Raising the Bar Award

For non-HR university customers to recognize HR team members who exemplify/model our customer service standards consistently (see the HR 2013 Customer Service Standards pdf) by going far above and well beyond their job duties to assist fellow UK staff or customers whenever and wherever needed.

Peer Recognition Award

For HR staff members recognized by fellow HR staff for their dedication, expertise, knowledge or service in an HR-specific function.

Game Changer Award

For HR managers to recognize HR staff members' exceptional contributions or recommendations that become "game changers" – for example, streamlining processes, creating new programs or systems that impact the University community in significant ways. These actions, suggestions or initiatives should have helped improve the work environment the HR division or the University as a whole, positively impacting colleagues, students, patients, and or visitors.

About the UK Ace Awards

The Ace Awards ceremony happens once each year, and the prizes are fanastic! To the winners will go: a $50 paycheck bonus, an award certificate, a plaque for posting in Scovell Hall lobby, lunch with Kim Wilson and Catie Lasley, and a featured note of recognition in the HR e-newsletter (Thrive) and on the HR web pages

Guidelines for Exceptional Service

In the UK Human Resources department, we strive to provide exceptional service in the following ways:

  • Make every interaction with HR as pleasant as possible, even if the answer is one the customer does not like.
  • Look for ways to provide options for the customer so s/he feels like they have a choice for action.
  • Take personal responsibility for problem-solving and exceeding customer expectations.
  • Be proactive and look for solutions the customers did not identify.
  • Advocate for the customer when it is the right thing to do for the customer and UK
  • Provide additional follow-up as a courtesy to confirm resolution was reached with his/her issue (especially in cases where s/he was passed on to another UK employee or department).
  • Escort our customers to their physical location within your building, whenever possible.
  • Make efforts to learn about the expertise in other HR areas.
  • "Reach out" to other UK departments for information for our customers.
  • Demonstrate teamwork beyond the job by working beyond your normal job function, either within or outside your unit.
  • Collaborate within HR or with others within UK to arrive at best possible solutions.
  • Walk customers through first-time experiences so the "next time" will be more comfortable for them.
  • Take additional Customer Service training on an annual basis (offered through HR T&D, other areas on campus, or locally/regionally) to improve your skill set.
  • Take pride through action in your work and how you represent HR and the University of Kentucky!