UK Human Resources

WildCard Employee IDs

What You Need to Know: 

As of September 6, 2013 all campus-based UK employees (staff and faculty) are required to obtain a UK WildCard photo ID (see details below). The new WildCard ID replaces the paper Faculty-Staff ID card previously issued each year. For details, please read the full text of the May 2013 announcement regarding this change below.

Please note the following:

  • Beginning September 23, 2013, newly hired campus employees attending New Employee Orientation will be issued WildCard photo IDs during the orientation event. Employees must be entered in SAP with accurate status and registered for orientation in advance to receive an ID card while attending.
  •  UK HealthCare employees, who receive separate UK HealthCare-issued ID cards, are not currently affected by WildCard ID requirement.

For more information about the UK WildCard ID, please visit this site.

A note about employees who work off-campus and/or outside central Kentucky

Newly hired employees who work 40 miles or more outside Lexington are typically not required to attend New Employee Orientation in person and will automatically receive orientation packets, which include a paper employee ID card (not a WildCard photo ID). 

For more information, contact: 
Ward Suthon 
Human Resources 
(859) 257-8773

Benefits of Carrying Your UK Employee ID

  1. Receive a 10% discount at the UK bookstore on the first floor of the Student Center addition.
  2. Purchase memberships at recreational facilities provided through Campus Recreation (includes Johnson Recreation Center, Lancaster Aquatics Center, Alumni Gym, and Wellness Program).
  3. Receive a discount on admission to some arts events at the Singletary Center of the Arts.
  4. Receive free admission to most UK sporting events, excluding Men's/Women's Basketball and Football.
  5. Receive a 20% discount on season tickets for Men's/Women's Basketball and Football.
  6. Check out books from the UK Library systems.
  7. Receive discounts at some local businesses. For a complete listing visit the Employee Discount Program webpage.