Required: Complete 1 ACT each month

Wellness Advocates typically spend about 1-3 hours per month ACTing as an advocate. 

1. Activate your knowledge of Health & Wellness programs and your interest in wellness2. Connect your locale with UK Health & Wellness3. Tell us and the UK community that you’re a Wellness Advocate who ACTs

Examples of complete ACTs:

  • Activate your knowledge by reading the month's Wellness Advocate Insider newsletter. Connect your locale with our Family Wellness Month events by writing a custom intro note and forwarding the specific Family Wellness Month event e-blast we send you. Tell us you're advocating by CCing when you forward the e-blast. 

  • Activate your interest by volunteering to lead a Wednesday Walk at the Farmers Market. Connect your locale with info about the Wednesday Walk by composing and sending an email inviting them to join you. Tell us you're advocating by CCing when you send the email invite.

  • Activate your interest by registering to attend a Lunch & Learn event. Connect your locale with info about the Lunch & Learn by composing and sending an email inviting them to join you (either by attending the event in person or suggest a group of you get together around a screen for a "watch party" while your virtually "attending" through our Adobe Connect live webcast). Tell us you're advocating by sharing a photo of your "watch party" with us on our Facebook page.

The possibilities are endless! Check out our growing list of various ways you can ACT here. Suggestions from Advocates about other ways to ACT are always welcome and will be added to these idea lists.

Announce yourself as the Wellness Advocate of your locale

Sending a short email announcement to your list of contacts in your locale is a great way to let everyone in your area know that you'll be sending occasional emails and posting flyers to spread awareness of Health & Wellness events.

Connect with UK Health & Wellness

As an advocate, you'll be the first to get the scoop on everything we do since you'll receive our Wellness Advocate Insider around the 1st of each month. We also invite you to connect with us through our other newsletters and social media so you'll get regular updates from us - and be able to tell your locale all about all the ways they too can connect with us:

Wellness Advocates who do not show active involvement (by completing at least one ACT each month) in their role for 6 consecutive months will still remain on our Advocates list until we receive confirmation they are no longer able to continue their involvement. However, after 6 consecutive months inactive advocates will no longer receive any perks or invitations to Wellness Advocate events. If an advocate becomes actively involved again after 6 or more months of inactivity,  then they may request to receive advocate benefits again by emailing