Employee Benefits

Family Medical Leave

Any employee who has been a University employee for 12 months and has worked at least 1,250 hours during the previous 12 month period may take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for a serious health condition involving the employee or a qualified family member during any 12 month period.

Temporary Disability (Sick) Leave

Temporary Disability Leave (TDL) is available for regular employees with a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.5 or greater. It is the intent of this policy to provide leave for employees who have an illness or injury which prevents them from performing their jobs on a temporary basis, or to care for eligible family members within the guidelines of this policy. An employee can take a maximum of 30 days of accrued TDL for a normal child birth (40 days for a c-section).

Vacation Leave

The University provides vacation with pay to any regular staff employee with a full-time equivalent (FTE) of 0.5 or greater.

*Note: For additional questions regarding Family and Medical Leave, Temporary Disability (sick) Leave or Vacation Leave, please contact Employee Relations:

213 Scovell Hall 
Lexington , KY 40506 
Phone: (859) 257-8758
E-mail: er@email.uky.edu

Phased Retirement for Staff

The University of Kentucky offers Faculty and Staff the ability to request Phased Retirement per Administrative Regulation 3:2. These procedures are for informational purposes and not intended to supersede AR 3:2 or any other policies.

Workplace Flexibiltiy

Workplace flexibility is rethinking how work has been “traditionally” accomplished. It means adjusting work hours outside the 8:00 – 5:00. It means sometimes working from locations other than on campus – at a home office, the library, a coffee shop. For many departments and teams, workplace flexibility is the new norm for how work gets done.

Additional Voluntary Benefits 

Short-term Disability

All full-time and half-time employees are eligible to enroll for this voluntary benefit. The short-term disability plan has two options, which allow for an employee to get up 60% your monthly earnings (max of $3000/month) after a certain amount of time away from work due to illness, injury or pregnancy. Your coverage lasts 5-6 months after it begins depending on what plan you choose. For more information on short-term disability coverage, you may contact The MPM Group, LLC at (859) 223-4973.

Flexible Spending- Dependent Care Spending Account

All employees who have sufficient earnings to have the necessary deductions made are eligible to participate in the Dependent Care Spending Account immediately upon hire or during Open Enrollment.