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Staff Development & Training

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June 30, 1983

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50.1 Policy
  The University recognizes a responsibility to enhance the staff employee’s opportunity to develop skills and abilities for full performance within the position and for career advancement potential within the University. both the department and the sector personnel office have a responsibility to assist in the staff development process in the following manner:
  50.1.1 The department will initiate the staff development process with the use of each staff employee’s performance appraisal (See Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 61.0: Performance Appraisal). Through use of the performance appraisals, an assessment can be made of the training and development needs of the department and its staff employees.
  50.1.2 The sector personnel office will assist in the staff development process by evaluating the recommendations of departments as well as overall University needs. The sector personnel office, after evaluation, will develop and/or present training courses or offer training material or advice as to methods for achieving the training objectives.
50.2 Delegation
  Unless otherwise delegated in the Community College System, the department and the sector personnel office have the responsibility for assisting in the development of staff employees.
50.3 Procedure
  50.3.1 Department heads are encouraged to recommend to the sector personnel office any training and development which would benefit the department and/or the staff employee. Department and division heads are also encouraged to develop departmental or divisional staff development programs peculiar to the needs of the department or division.
  50.3.2 The sector personnel office continuously evaluates recommendation and overall University needs and establishes training programs as possible to meet those needs.
  5.3.3 Scheduled training programs for regular staff employees are announced through bulletins distributed to all department heads. Training for a specific need of a department is not generally announced.
  50.3.4 Upon approval of the department head, an employee may attend a training program conducted by the sector personnel office. A staff employee may request nomination or be nominated for announced training programs. A staff employee nominated for training for departmental-related objectives will be allowed to attend as paid working time (See Human Resources Policy and Procedure Number 70.0: Attendance/Hours of Work). A staff employee nominated for training for personal objectives may be allowed to attend as paid working time at the department head’s discretion. If the department nominates, but will not authorize paid working time, the staff employee shall be notified by the department head prior to the beginning of the training program.
  50.3.5 Upon completion of a training program, a staff employee is responsible for forwarding the record of completion to the sector personnel office for filing in the employee’s record.
  50.3.6 If a department’s training needs are unable to be met by the sector personnel office, a referral of the request may be made to appropriate resources and advice given to the department head concerning alternatives.

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