Big Blue Family Care (BBFC) is a network of current UK students, who offer occasional caregiving (i.e. child care, pet care) to families of UK faculty and staff. Each student caregiver has passed a UK-employee background check. Rate of pay and logistics are negotiated between the UK faculty or staff member and the student. Emergency back-up care is also available in some situations. Please note that requests for full-time childcare during UK's school-year are best filled through local daycare centers. Also, the Big Blue Family Program has been on hold this past summer but will relaunch in late September. We appreciate your patience while we improve this program. 

Find a caregiver:

Click HERE or on the "Find a Caregiver" link above. After submitting your request, the BBFC program coordinator will contact you and provide up to 3 caregiver profiles that match the needs of your request. You can then review each profile, interview potential caregivers, and select one that best meets the needs of your family. As noted above, BBFC is relaunching in late September, so please be patient while we match you with potential caregivers. 

Although each caregiver has passed a UK-employee background check and is reviewed by our program coordinator, we strongly encourage each family to interview caregivers on their own before selection. Be sure to check out the helpful tips and guidelines for interview and reference check questions HERE. Please note that rate of pay and logistics are negotiated between you and the student caregiver. Are you unsure about the going rate of pay for caregiving in your zip code? Click HERE for a simple calculator.


Become a caregiver:

We have had such a great response from students that we are currently not accepting new applications for caregivers at this time.

Feedback from families:

100% of respondents agree:

  • BBFC met their needs
  • They would strongly recommend BBFC to others.
  • They are satisfied with the overall quality of care provided for their child(ren).
  • BBFC made finding a childcare provider easier than looking on their own.

"Thank you again for offering this wonderful program!"

"You have been of great help to us!"

"Thank you for providing a much-needed service!"

Center-Based Drop-in Care (for emergencies and occasional care)

Click on the map below to find childcare centers in the Lexington area that provide drop-in and back-up care options for children up to the age of 12 (please see specific center information for accepted ages). Drop-in and back-up care availability is dependent on the center's current capacity. The parent may also be required to fill out paperwork, including immunization records, prior to the child receiving care. The University of Kentucky and Office of Work-Life provide these links as a service to the UK faculty, staff, and students. They do not make any claims as to the quality or type of care provided at each center. Parents should use their own discretion and the needs of their child when choosing a drop-in or back-up center. For help in choosing quality childcare, please see this website.

In-Home Back-Up Care

Even the best planned care can change unexpectedly. When you need someone at the last minute to care for a sick child, pet, or aging relative in your home, check out the below caregiving resources that may be able to help. For center-based emergency back-up care, please see the section above on center-based drop-in care. -- Provides access to local and national caregivers for both emergency and ongoing care. Registration fee required. -- Provides access to local and national caregivers for both emergency and ongoing care. Registration fee required.

LaLa's Nannies -- Provides access to local caregivers for some emergency back-up care situations. Registration required.

Center-Based Year-Round Care (full-time daycare)

The University of Kentucky has three high-quality childcare centers on or adjacent to campus. These centers offer a variety of program activities and price points to allow you to choose a center that best meets your child's needs and your family’s budget. Please note that space in these programs are often on a 9-10 month waiting list. If you are interested, we encourage you to talk to the directors as early as possible.

School Breaks and School Closings

Summer Camps: The UK Office of Work-Life holds a Summer Camps Fair for UK Faculty, Staff, and Students in late winter/early spring each year. This fair is a great resource to UK families looking for camps and activities to meet their summer care needs. The above Summer Camps link will give you information on camps that have participated in previous fairs.

No School Day Camps: A number of local facilities offer camps during school holidays, snow days, and in-service days and provide a safe and positive environment.

Contact Us:

Work-Life Office
Big Blue Family Care acts only as a clearinghouse for the convenience of caregivers and UK families. Neither the University of Kentucky nor Big Blue Family Care screens caregivers beyond the national background check; the University of Kentucky and Big Blue Family Care only guarantee that the caregivers are currently registered UK students, employed by UK HealthCare, or a benefits-eligible UK retiree. Caregivers are employed solely by the UK family and are not employees of the University of Kentucky or Big Blue Family Care. The University of Kentucky and Big Blue Family Care make no representations to the caregivers as to the nature of the UK family other than that the UK family is currently employed by the Universiity of Kentucky. In addition, the University of Kentucky and Big Blue Family Care make no representations to caregivers or UK families concerning the nature of the services provided. The UK family and caregivers acknowledge that the University of Kentucky is not responsible for, and will held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the UK families' and caregivers' use of the Big Blue Family Care network.