UK Indemnity provides coverage for participants traveling out of the country for extended periods and for those who live in rural areas where UK HealthCare plans have no providers. This plan offers the freedom to receive care from any physician for covered benefits.

UK Indemnity Factors to Consider:

Complete freedom to receive services from any provider.

If you will be out of the UK-HMO, UK-RHP, UK-PPO or UK-EPO plan service areas for more than 120 consecutive days in the plan year, you must elect the UK Indemnity plan.

Monthly rates for employees retired or eligible to retire as of July 1, 2007:

Coverage Level Monthly cost* UK pays Employee pays
Retiree only; spouse only $801 $721 $80
Retiree + child(ren) $1,199 $721 $478
Retiree + spouse $1,598 $721 $877
Retiree + family $2,001 $721 $1,280

Monthly rates for employees under age 65 hired before Jan. 1, 2006, and eligible to retire AFTER July 1, 2007:

  Years of service
Age at retirement 15 or more but less than 20 20 or more but less than 25 25 or more
Less than 60 $641 $481 $320
60 or older but less than 61 $601 $441 $280
61 or older but less than 62 $561 $401 $240
62 or older but less than 63 $521 $360 $200
63 or older but less than 64 $481 $320 $160
64 or older but less than 65 $441 $280 $120

If you wish to add a spouse who is under 65 years old or children, these additional rates apply:

Child(ren) Add $398/month
Spouse Add $797/month
Spouse + children Add $1,200/month
At age 65 or older, retirees pay the lower Medicare Carveout Classic rate

Covered transplants include kidney, liver, pancreas, kidney/pancreas, heart, lung, heart/lung, bone marrow andcorneatransplants.

Find a doctor

Anthem provides a Find a Doctor tool to show which providers in your area accept your insurance plan.

Full coverage information

Complete information about the UK Indemnity plan is available in this Summary of Benefits Coverage or this medical benefits booklet.

Health Plan Availability

UK Indemnity is only available to those participants who live in or travel for extended periods of time to areas where UK HealthCare plans have no providers (rural areas and out of country.

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