These are classes that involved business procedures and finances at UK. The RATE program offers related courses, on the topic of Research Administration.

Finance and Business

Advanced Concur Online Booking Tool Learn to use Concur's advanced features
Advanced Fraud Class The follow up to The Business of Fraud course
Cash Handling Operations What are the University's cash operations policies and procedures? Who is responsible for cash handling operations at the University? During this workshop, we will undergo an examination of the University's Cash Operations.
Concur Online Booking Tool Learn how to use Concur, UK's on-line travel reservation system.
I-9 Procedures During this class, the details of I-9 processing for UK employees will be taught, including forms and deadlines pertaining to I-9 regulations.
Introduction to Endowments The University of Kentucky's endowment exists to support the institutional mission and operations of the University over the long term such that both current and future generations of students receive benefits from the endowment.
Organizational Ethics There are distinct ethical dilemmas that arise within an organizational structure, which produce different problems for different people depending on roles & responsibilities.
The Business of Fraud Fraud is not accidental or inadvertent, but rather a deliberate act committed for personal gain.
Travel Expense Voucher Procedures This workshop is designed for University departmental Business Officers and Account Clerks responsible for administering departmental travel and completing Travel Expense Vouchers as well as faculty and staff that travel on behalf of the University.
Travel Program Learn the guidelines and procedures of UK's Travel Management Services Program.
Travel Services Learn the policy and procedures for making travel arrangements for UK official business travel
Trip Manager Learn how to use Trip Manager, UK's on-line reservation system.