Essential Leader Program (ELP) has been created specifically for employees who want to become better leaders and learn key leadership skills. This program is open to all employees wanting to make the most of their changing job expectations as well as potential career opportunities. You do not have to be in a supervisory position to enroll in the program!

You do not have to be a supervisor to be a leader.  Each one of us is a leader at some point by serving on a committee, working on a project, training or mentoring a new employee, or volunteering our skills in community activities.

Participants are required to take 22 certificate eligible courses over a two year period.  A self-assessment is required at the beginning and the end of the program. You may begin the series at any time and take courses in any order. 

Designed around seven leadership competencies, the program is demanding and the skills learned are immediately applicable in the workplace.  Competencies include Communication, Teamwork, Creative Problem Solving and Flexibility, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, Resolving Conflicts and Leadership.  Each competency consists of a total number of ELP units which include required class offerings and electives.

How Do I Register? 
If you are interested in this program, please call Debra Graham at 257-9427 or email for more information. 

Continuing Education Units may be awarded for all classes.

The Essential Leader's Competencies are:

Course name Course Description
Personality Differences As long as you live you will have at least some unwelcome and unproductive friction with others. Read more »
Presenting Effectively Designed for the professional who is occasionally (or frequently!) required to make presentations, this intense, practice-focused workshop extends over two sessions. Read more »
Principles of Effective Writing Many of us are profoundly insecure about our ability to communicate effectively in writing. Read more »
Facilitating Meetings and Teams Without facilitation, a meeting can easily become a waste of everyone's time. Read more »
Communicating With Success During this workshop, we will explore basic communication issues. Read more »
Course name Course Description
Leading Effective Teams Successful leaders rely on their work groups to create success. Read more »
Teamwork in a Changing Workplace During this workshop we will explore just why working together as a team is so important to the success of the University as well as your personal success. Read more »
Creative Problem Solving and Flexibility
Course name Course Description
Personal Decision Making Most of us make hundreds of decisions every day. Read more »
Group Problem Solving You and your co-workers encounter a range of range of problems at work. Read more »
Facing the Challenge of Change Change is something that we face and have to face up to everyday! Through this workshop, participants will be able to: Interpret the dynamics of the change process. Read more »
Thinking Critically Reasoning is the process of examining data (facts, information, evidence, observations, and experiences) and drawing inferences, judgments, and conclusions from the data. Read more »
Interpersonal Skills
Course name Course Description
Communicating Across Cultures When faced by an interaction that we do not understand, people tend to interpret the others involved as "abnormal", "weird", or "wrong". Read more »
Building a Climate of Trust This workshop is intended for those who lead others (supervisors, managers, etc.) Read more »
Gender Styles in Communication Communications between men and women in the workplace can be confusing and sometimes unsatisfying. Read more »
Basics of Diversity In order to understand diversity, it is important to understand how individuals are different. Read more »
Course name Course Description
7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program: Two Full Days Version This intensive, two-day version of our 7 Habits workshop provides participants with a robust and tactical implementation plan to use the 7 Habits in their lives. Read more »
Developing a Winning Image How important is your professional image? Will you be considered a serious contender for high-visibility, high-potential opportunities if your professional image is lackluster? Read more »
Resolves Conflict
Course name Course Description
Managing Staff Conflict As a leader, you doubtless encounter conflict among your front line staff members. Read more »
Resolving Workplace Conflict This course focuses on resolving various workplace situations where disagreements or conflicts arise between team mates. Read more »
Course name Course Description
Leading Your Service Providers In the world of customer service delivery, your staff is critical. Read more »
Coaching Your Front-Line Staff To meet today's demands with today's workforce requires a new set of coaching skills. Read more »
Basics of Leadership What is a leader? Can you become the leader you envision? During this workshop, we will address the issue of becoming the best leader each of us can be. Read more »