About UK2U

UK2U may be just right for you and your organization! Our team of experienced professional development trainers can bring energizing, interactive workshops directly to you.

We offer a large catalog of professional development courses at very competitive rates. Our staff will work with you on the selection of training to meet your needs.

Course selections include workshops in the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Creative Problem Solving and Flexibility
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Resolving Conflict

Please let our highly-skilled professional development trainers help you provide the skills your people need. We are here to work with you and for you to develop your people for the next level.

Meet the UK2U Trainers

Maria Fischer-Boothe, a skilled facilitator and dynamic seminar leader, has over ten years of experience as a corporate trainer. Maria has worked in Fortune 500 companies delivering and developing courses in technical training, customer service training, and professional development training. Her areas of expertise include coaching, communication skills, team building, and leadership development. Working at a research institution has afforded Maria the opportunity to have direct access to research and transfer the knowledge into applicable skill building technique in the classroom. She received a Master of Education from DePaul University and her bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Kentucky. Additionally, Maria is a member of American Society for Training and Development. Contact her by email or give her a call at (859) 257-1425

Debra Graham is a senior training specialist and performance consultant and has been at the University of Kentucky for nine years. Debra’s interests and focus has long been on developing leadership and interpersonal skills for managers. She has designed and presented courses to over 100 organizations including public agencies, manufacturing, and service organizations. At the University of Kentucky, Debra develops and presents seminars as well as consults with university agencies on ways to improve performance and processes through problem solving, collaboration, and improved skills. She is a graduate of the University of Kentucky and retired from the US Army Reserve after 28 years of where she held the rank of lieutenant colonel. Debra is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).  Contact her by email or give her a call at (859) 257-9427

Marietta Watts, who originally hails from St. Louis, Missouri, is a senior training specialist and performance consultant at the University of Kentucky. Before joining UK, she spent 15 years at Kentucky Educational Television as the Customer Services Manager. Marietta provides invigorating programs in leadership development, team effectiveness, diversity, and personal and professional development. Her inspiring facilitation style helps clients and participants to maintain enthusiasm and to effectively apply their learning to meet the personal and practical challenges they face every day.
Marietta is also a certified facilitator and mediator. A graduate of the University of MO, she has over 25 years experience as a professional development trainer and performance consultant.  Contact her by email or give her a call at (859) 257-9429