Perks of Being an Advocate

  • Reduced rate for Body Shop membership
  • Lunches at optional quarterly meetings (presentations also streamed live through Adobe Connect) 
  • Community of UK employees who share your interest in healthful living
  • Wellness advocate t-shirt
  • Letter of reference as needed
  • Recognition through advocate of the month newsletter features
  • Advocate of the Year award opportunity
  • Best of all, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re actively contributing to a healthy UK community!

All Advocates Commit to ACT

Wellness Advocates typically spend about 1-3 hours per month ACTing as an advocate. 
Each month, advocates are responsible for at least one full ACT (choose at least one bullet point from each of the 3 steps):

1. Activate your knowledge of Health & Wellness programs and your interest in wellness by:

  • Reading the month’s Wellness Advocate Insider
  • Attending Health & Wellness events and bringing a colleague or two
  • Organizing a walking group
  • Assisting with activities at major Health & Wellness events

2. Connect your locale with UK Health & Wellness by:

  • Distributing flyers and/or well packages, displaying posters, and sharing info about Health & Wellness through word of mouth
  • Creating or assisting with a marketing display such as a Health & Wellness bulletin board in your office suite
  • Identifying and communicating with contacts for localized communication channels such as your department's social media account administrator
  • Communicating via email about Health & Wellness to contacts and localized communication channels such as list servs or departmental distribution lists
  • Sending an email inviting your contacts to join you (either by attending the event in person or suggest a group of you get together around a screen for a "watch party" while your virtually "attending" through our Adobe Connect live webcast)
  • Inviting and arranging for a Health & Wellness speaker to present at a departmental or workgroup meeting or retreat

3. Tell us and the UK community that you’re a Wellness Advocate who ACTs by:

  • CC when you forward e-blasts about specific events to contacts in your locale
  • Sharing positive and relevant advocate ACT updates, photos, etc. with us on Facebook (UKWellness), Twitter (UK_Wellness) and/or Pinterest (UK_Wellness)
  • Emailing us an ACT success story to be potentially featured in the monthly Wellness Advocate Insider (Example – 5 of the 10 contacts I emailed said they were in for the Lunch & Learn event and we all went together)
  • Emailing us a description of a major ACT and a request for our Communications Coordinator to interview you and write an article to publish on our website and potentially in UKNow

Suggestions from Advocates about other ways to ACT are always welcome and will be added to the above lists.

Join the Advocate Team!

If you'd like to join our Advocate team, please complete the short online application here.