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5K Training Stretches

What You Need to Know: 

These exercises and stretches have been put together as resources for runners, both new and seasoned, while training for a 5K. Because running well requires efficient movement, it is important to maintain tissue integrity and keep certain joints mobile, thus enhancing running efficiency and preventing injury. Stretch less in isolated positions and mobilize more in movement-­specific positions. Perform 1-­3 sets of the given repetition or time.

Doug Hershberger, CSCS, USAW

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Foam Roll

  • Go exploring with the foam roller…it’s your own massage tool!
  • Especially work on the hamstrings  and IT band (lateral side of your legs)
  • 1‐2 minutes on each muscle group

Runners Instep

  • Begin taking a large step forward
  • Front foot remains flat, drop into a lunge
  • Lean forward with both arms inside the knee
  • 3X through each leg

Lateral Lunge Instep

  • Begin in wide stance
  • Support foot remains flat, other leg straight
  • 3X through each leg


  • Begin on hands and knees; bring one ankle to rest in front of other knee
  • Slowly oscillate rotated hip and sit back into a stretch
  • 3X through each leg, hold deep stretch 5‐10 seconds


  • Both feet flat and both knees straight
  • Lean forward, chest inline with front foot
  • 3X through each leg, hold deep stretch 5-­10s