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Biggest BLUE Loser


After 10 weeks of hard work, we are excited to announce the winners of the Biggest Blue Loser competition!

Top Females
1st place: Toni Kirkner (online class, 10.5% weight loss)
2nd place: Laura Lakes (online class, 8.1% weight loss)
3rd place: Linda Rice (Tuesday lunch class, 7.9% weight loss)

Top Males
1st place: Robert Danaher (Tuesday lunch class, 5.6% weight loss)
2nd place: Brett McDaniel (Tuesday lunch class, 3.5% weight loss)
3rd place: Scot Snyder (Tuesday evening class, 2.6 % weight loss)

Read their success stories here »

Congratulations to the Biggest Blue Loser “finishers,” who completed all 10 of the weekly challenges:

Tuesday lunch class:
Sherry Horn      
Brett McDaniel
Julie Mitchell
Thalethia Routt

Tuesday evening class:
Ashlee Crump
Scot Snyder

Online class:
Kathleen Hertz
Toni Kirkner
Laura Lakes
Kathy Rosewell

Our winners will be awarded prize packages and all finishers will receive a special prize! We are so proud of everyone – it’s great to be a loser! :)