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Lexington Farmers Market

What You Need to Know: 

UK Health & Wellness, in partnership with the Lexington Farmers Market, is pleased to bring you the Lexington Farmers Market @ UK. This is held seasonally in the lawn at E.S. Good Barn, adjacent to University Drive. Everyone in the UK community, Lexington community and beyond is welcome. You do not have to be a UK employee or be affiliated with UK to shop the market. Invite all your family and friends to enjoy the freshest produce in town.

New location for 2015 season!

The Lexington Farmers Market @ UK is held on the lawn outside Good Barn. Drive, bike, walk, or catch a shuttle to the market - it's easily accessible!

Receive weekly text updates & earn rewards for attending the market 

Stay in the know about special vendor guests each week, be the first to know about newly in-season produce - and earn prizes for regularly attending the market! Sign up here to receive texts about Lexington Farmers Market @ UK from UK Health & Wellness!

Earn your first point for signing up and then continue earning points by visiting the UK Wellness table at the market. 1 visit = 1 point. For every 5 points you accumulate you'll earn a prize! We'll email you every time you become eligible to redeem 5 points for a prize. Earned prizes can be claimed at the UK Wellness table at the market each week. 

Free Prizes

Visit the UK Health & Wellness table at the market and get a FREE spin on the prize wheel. You may be a lucky winner and walk away with a fun prize! 

Free Recipes

Discover how to use your farmers market produce and goods in fresh and creative ways. There's a new recipe each week!

How To Stop Worrying and Love the Farmers Market

  • Get some background information. Use online resources, cookbooks from your home collection or the library, or talk to your family and friends to learn about the Farmers Market experience. You’ll learn what to expect, the names of some unfamiliar vegetables, and maybe some local farm history. If you search online for a Kentucky produce availability guide, you will find some great resources to help you identify a variety of products in our region and discover when they are in season. Available online here or in Wellness’s own Farmers Market Insider’s guide.
  • Keep an open mind! Although having a shopping list is usually a smart move, the Farmers Market can differ from your local grocery. You may not be able to find exactly what you came for, or you may see products you don’t recognize at all. It’s OK! Enjoy the adventure, embrace the unexpected, and try something new. Talk to the farmers and vendors.  They love talking about what they have brought, and you may learn a thing or two (or ten)!
  • Talk to the farmers, vendors, and Market staff and volunteers. The Farmers Market is all about community – and community happens through conversation. Once you’ve broken the ice with a question about an unfamiliar product, keep talking!  It is a great opportunity to learn more about the food that you eat and where it comes from. Some booths may have photographs of their farm or even “open farm” days when you can tour the natural beauty yourself.
  • Bring your own bags! Although the Farmers Market will have bags for you to use, bringing your own can make the whole experience even easier and more environmentally friendly. Many of the reusable bags available now are larger than their plastic counterparts and some are even insulated for improved food storage and safety.
  • Invite the family! It isn’t always convenient to shop with children in tow, but it is important for your children to learn where food comes from. Let them explore and marvel at the different shapes, colors, and tastes – just be sure that they ask before they sample!

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