Body Shop Group Fitness Classes

What You Need to Know: 

ALL Group Fitness Classes - ranging from Yoga and Tai Chi to cardio, water aerobics and more - are included FREE with your Body Shop membership. Rosters are maintained for all classes, and you must enroll before attending. You may join a class at any time during the term by registering.

If a class is full you may register for the waiting list, and we will notify you if a spot becomes available. If you can no longer attend a class, please call the main office at 257-9355 to let us know.

You must be a Body Shop member to enroll in a group fitness class. Here's how to enroll in Body Shop. Once you complete orientation and complete payroll deduction, you may register here for any of the group fitness classes below.

October 25 - December 23 Schedule and Hours

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(AFLW = All Fitness Levels Welcome)

Aqua Jog -  Jog your way through deep currents with a flotation belt in this balanced cardio and resistance training workout. This lunch time class is easy on your joints.  AFLW

Basic Yoga - Learn the basic principles of alignment, breath, and relaxation. AFLW

Body Bootcamp - Boost your body into shape military style!  Expect to be challenged with push-ups, sit-ups, interval training, and cardio work-out.  AFLW

CardioMix - Looking to get your heart rate up? Try this class with consistent movement: either choreography, hi lo, dance, circuits, and more! This class will stay fresh to keep you coming back for more. AFLW

CardioCircuit - Like variety?  CardioCircuit is the class for you with 45 minutes of circuit training keeping your heart rate up.  It might look a little different each time! AFLW

Hip Hop Hustle features easy-to-learn dance moves choreographed to high-energy music. You’ll burn major calories in a fun, motivating environment. No prior dance experience required! AFLW

Deep Water Works - Work all the major muscle groups and keep the heart pumping. Participants should be able to swim; this class takes place in deep water. AFLW 

Flex & Flow - A little toning, a little meditation, a little mindfulness. We will flex our muscles; we will flow with our breath. Expect to have leaner muscles and a stress-free experience! AFLW

Friday Yoga - A Vinyasa Flow class which will focus on flexibility, strength and stamina. The yoga practices will include resting with our breath and flowing movement with our breath. We will practice sun salutations, standing and seated poses finishing with deep stretches and a final relaxation. AFLW

Meditation - This self-led class allows you to explore enriching techniques for relaxation.  AFLW

Mind/Body - This 90-minute class allows ample time to work on alignment, breathing, and reflection. Four weeks of yoga and four week of Pilates. AFLW

NIA - This non-impact aerobics class carefully combines selected movements and concepts from Yoga, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz and Modern Dance. AFLW

Pilates - This class will have you working hard from top to bottom. Leave feeling strong, rooted, and flexible. AFLW

Restore & Flow - A gentle yoga class to restore, strengthen, and relax your body, “Restore and Flow Yoga” is for YOU. Modifications can be made for all body types, and props will be available to help you feel your best in each posture. This class is truly yoga for every “body.” AFLW

Tai Chi - This is meditation in motion!  Learn how to connect to your breath, strengthen the core, and understand the ancient practice of Tai Chi Chaun. AFLW 

Toning & Sculpting - Increase muscle tone with this resistance training class.  AFLW

Yoga (A & B) - Relax while improving flexibility, muscular strength, balance and coordination. Both Yoga A and Yoga B hold a sequence of 31 postures for an extended period of time. Classes include an ending meditation.

Zumba - Dance your way into fitness! Learn to cumbia, reggae, salsa, merengue, and more to Latin and international beats. This class will help you work-out with out even knowing it! AFLW

20/20- The name says it all!  Twenty minutes of cardio, twenty minutes of toning either segmented or all mixed up.  We work hard in this class to train both our cardiovascular system and our muscles.  AFLW 

Kundalini Yoga - is a specialized yoga system that utilizes pranayama (breath work), asana (poses), mantra (chanting), movement, and meditation to bring health, energy, and radiance to one's whole being. With a focus on maintaining a healthy spine, Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous and glandular systems that are crucial to one's overall health and vitality.

Please note: Body Shop members who are members through their UK spouse employee, must purchase a Campus Recreation Spouse Membership pass to participate in Recreation Swim hours. If participating in a scheduled Body Shop Water Aerobics class, there is no fee for access. Fee to use the facility is only when accessing the Aquatic Center for Lap Swim/Recreation Swim. Passes are $30 for the year. Passes may be purchased at Membership Sales, Monday – Thursday 8:45am – 9pm, Friday 8:45am – 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm – 5pm. Click here for more info.