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Cooking Class: Kids Can Cook

07-30-2015 | 6:00 pm | Erikson Hall, room 200

Want to help a child in your life develop a lifelong love for cooking? This kid-friendly cooking class will introduce them to the basics to get them started. There's learning opportunities for both kids and adults, while you work together to prepare a dish, with a dash of fun along the way. Plus, sample all the dishes prepared by your classmates!

Class will be held in the kitchen at Erikson Hall, room 200.

Cost: $20 per adult/child pair (adult must be UK employee, spouse, or retiree).

Cooking Classes

What You Need to Know: 

Cooking classes are generally held two  to three times a year: once each Spring and Fall and typically a parent-child cooking class is offered each July. Check out the featured recipes from these classes, photos and more. 

Check out more photos from the recent cooking class at Wild Thyme.

Featured Recipes from Previous Cooking Classes

See the full list of cookbooks with recipes »
 Five Ingredients or Less cookbook developed in Fall 2012 (PDF)
  Healthy One-Pot Wonders cookbook developed in Spring 2012 (PDF)


 International Cuisine: Break Out of the Routine cookbook developed in Spring 2010 (PDF)


Extreme Holiday Recipe Makeover cookbook developed in Fall 2009 (PDF)


 Great Grains! cookbook developed in Spring 2009 (PDF)

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