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Cooking Class: "One Ingredient, Many Ways"

11-19-2014 | 6:00 pm | 200 Erikson Hall

All skill levels are welcome in this UK dietitian-led cooking class. 

Do you want to minimize cooking time while increasing your meals cooked at home? This class is for you. Think cooking in bulk. You’ll learn how to choose an ingredient or two such as beans, chicken or quinoa - and make them ahead of time so you’re always halfway to dinner, every day of the week. Not only will you get hands-on practice and pro tips from registered dietitians, but you'll also sample what everyone made at the end! All participants will receive recipe cards for everything made in the class, so you'll be ready for action in your own kitchen.

$20 fee per person covers all supplies and ingredients.

UK employees, spouses of employees, UK retirees, and spouses of retirees are eligible to participate.

Cooking Classes

What You Need to Know: 

Cooking classes are generally held two  to three times a year: once each Spring and Fall and typically a parent-child cooking class is offered each July. Check out the featured recipes from these classes, photos and more. 

Check out more photos from the recent cooking class at Wild Thyme.

Featured Recipes from Previous Cooking Classes

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