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Health Smart Conversation: Home Safety

12-04-2014 | 12:10 pm | Scovell Hall, Suite 2

Whether you're a new parent or it's simply time to re-examine your home to make sure it's safe for your kids, you're sure to learn some valuable key take aways about childproofing your home in this FREE seminar. A recent study from University of Alabama at Birmingham found that when first-time moms of kids ages 12 to 36 months were taken through a model home and asked to point out safety concerns, they could identify fewer than half of the potential hazards.

"Home Safety"  is presented by Safe Kids and you'll learn more on general home safety topics inlcluding childproofing your home, proper medication storage and preventing accidental injury at home. 

Presentation by: Zinnia Robinson, Safe Kids Fayette Co. Representative

Health Smart: Conversations About Your Health

What You Need to Know: 

The goal of Health Smart is to help you make informed choices about your health and your family's health such as when to seek professional medical care or treat an ailment or injury at home. Become Health Smart and earn a free book! Join us for free quarterly sessions aimed at helping you take part in a healthier you. Feel free to bring your lunch. 

The next Health Smart Conversation will be announced soon. To view past presentations, visit the archive.


Receive Your Free Healthier At Home Book!

Click here to watch a brief video introducing the "Healthier at Home" self-care guide. Learn how the book can help you make informed choices about your health and your family's health. If you already have a book, follow along for a quick tutorial. If not, be sure to complete the quiz after watching the video to earn your book! 

About Healthier At Home Book

Healthier at Home published by the American Institute of Preventive Medicine, is the most comprehensive self-care book available. It is the proven guide to self-care and being a wise health consumer. The book is presented in an easy-to-read, step-by-step format, and provides up-to-date information on over 300 self-care topics. It instantly turns your bookshelf into a health information center. You can become the head of your family's medical team. This book comes in full-color text with over 325 illustrations and photographs.

*Note: If you already received a Healthier at Home book, you are NOT eligible to receive another book.  

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