You have the expertise of two caring dietitians on your side, whenever you need their support. Choose to become a member ($50 lifetime membership) or take advantage of these free (and low-cost) services and programs valued at $100/hour!

EatWell services and programs are exclusively available to UK employees, retirees, spouses and sponsored dependents.

  • Weight loss membership

    EatWell weight loss membership

    Receive accountability, education, and support through classes, weigh-ins, food journal feedback and more. Choose the weekly class that fits with your schedule: online, evening or lunchtime classes are available. Read more »
  • Nutrition consult

    Nutrition consult

    Free! Receive personalized guidance from a dietitian to help you move forward with any nutrition-related goals. Sign up »
  • Grocery store tour

    Grocery store tour

    Free! Gain insights smart shopping with aisle-by-aisle guidance from a registered dietitian. Sign up »