2016 Conference: May 13 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Embassy Suites

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Dr. Gregory Jicha – Creativity and the Brain: Strategies to Increase Your Brain Power (Keynote)

This presentation will explore the concept of creativity from philosophy to Einstein's brain and back again. Examples of brain injury and disease that have helped unlock the mysteries of creative thinking will be explored. These discoveries will be used to help formulate a practical plan and strategy that may help you become the next Mozart or Picasso irrespective of how late you may be in getting started!

Todd Macaulay – Relieving Financial Stress

We all have varying levels of stress, but for many of us our largest source of stress is money. As with most forms of stress there are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with financial stress. We will look at proven strategies for alleviating financial stress, tools that you can use to improve your financial well-being, reducing financial stress, and improving your overall wellness.

Dr. G. Thomas Kluemper – Understanding Obstructive Sleep Apnea 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is an under-reported, often undiagnosed and potentially life-threatening condition that is estimated to affect up to 30% of the adult population. Individuals with untreated OSA can experience changes in their attention span, cognitive function and overall heath, including associated illnesses. This presentation will provide information on the effects of OSA, introduce associated risk factors and discuss the leading treatment modalities for this increasingly common disorder. Participants will also gain a better understanding of their particular susceptibility to OSA.

Nicole Peritore – Cooperative Extension Service: Moving Families Forward

Did you know that there are Extension offices in all 120 counties of Kentucky? Cooperative Extension’s Family and Consumer Science agents offer a variety of programming related to making healthy lifestyle choices. Come and learn about the many ways that FCS is working to help you and your family move forward. This presentation will provide information about the various programs available and offer some tips about making healthy lifestyle choices. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to move through some of the activities that these programs offer.

Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, Ph.D. – How Meat Fits into a Healthy Diet

Red meat and/or poultry are the center of the plate on the American dinner table. The average American will consume approximately 200 pounds of red meat and poultry this year. Questions have been raised on how or if meat fits into a healthy diet. This presentation will explore that question, highlighting that meat is a complete protein. In addition, research has indicated that a high protein diet may lead to sustained weight loss. Finally, Dr. Rentfrow will share his own weight loss journey that included meat as part of a healthy diet. Presenter: Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, Ph.D., Associate Extension Professor – Meat Science.

Dr. Elizabeth Salt - Using Technology and Non-Medicinal Treatments for Low Back Pain, Ph.D.

Low back pain affects 67% to 84% of persons residing in countries like the United States, and this health problem is responsible for more lost workdays than any other health condition. There are a number of effective treatments for low back pain that do not require patients to take medications.  Cognitive therapy or cognitive behavioral therapy is one of these treatments. Cognitive therapy is a type of treatment that focuses on the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It teaches patients how these relationships can affect health and how to make changes in thought processes to improve health outcomes. Many research studies have described the effectiveness of this treatment to improve aspects of health such as pain, anxiety, depression, and physical functioning in patients suffering from low back pain. This presentation will provide information on cognitive therapy as a treatment for low back pain.

Shane Tedder – Active Living, Sustainability and the University of Kentucky

Over the past few years the Lexington campus of the University of Kentucky has experienced a dramatic physical transformation. The effort has been guided by a planning process that has placed a strong emphasis on sustainability in the built environment. This presentation will open with a brief review of recent changes to the campus, the planning process guiding the changes and how sustainability is integrated with both. The focus will then shift to how health and wellness are interconnected with these efforts with an emphasis on changes to, and plans for, campus transportation infrastructure. Participants will learn more about the benefits of active transportation and steps the University is taking to ensure that campus infrastructure provides safe, convenient and accessible alternative to driving alone. 

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