UK Human Resources

Holiday Challenge: Keep It Off!

Looking for a little extra motivation to maintain or lose weight during the holiday season?

Take the Keep It Off! Holiday Challenge, which is open to any UK employee, retiree, spouse or sponsored dependent. We'll provide tips and encouragement along the way. If you succeed at keeping the weight off, you will receive a gift from Health & Wellness!

When does it begin and end?

The challenge runs from Thursday, Nov. 28 to Tuesday, Jan 1.

Register by 5 p.m, Wednesday, Nov. 27. 

What do I have to do to win a prize?

If you succeed at keeping the weight off over the holiday season, you will earn a prize! Your final weight must be the same as or lower than the weight you submitted at the beginning of the challenge.

To win, participants must submit final weight using the challenge results form by Jan. 8. (You will receive an email with a link to the results form once the challenge ends.)


You must select the Body Shop Fitness Challenge on the initial category selection screen before you are able to select Keep It Off Holiday Challenge.