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Resistance for Runners

Resistance Band Program for Runners: Emphasis on Low Back, Core, and Hips

Do All Exercises for:

  • 2-3 sets
  • 15-20 reps

*Ask for assistance if needed

Resisted Pushup: Making sure band is tight around shoulder blades, perform regular pushup using hands as the band anchor.

Seated Rows: Wrap band around feet with legs extended. With each hand, pull towards chest trying to squeeze shoulder blades together.

Pullthroughs: Anchor band to secure object. With legs and hips slightly bent and back straight, pull band through legs up to chest height.

Squat to Shoulder Press: Standing on band, pull band up to shoulder heigh. Lower body to squat position (legs parallel with floor). Raise. Press hands up above head bringing them together.

Bicep Curl: With band anchored by feer, curl band up underneath chin.

Tricep Kickback: Anchor band into secure position. Keeping elbow in close to side and being slightly bent at waist, extend arm behind body.

Lunges: Place band underneath lunging foot. Lower back knee towards ground staying on the ball of your foot. Return to starting position.

Side Raises: Wrap band around ankles and raise outer leg up. Repeat with inner leg.

Good Mornings: Place band underneath feed and behind neck on upper shoulders. Bend from the waist until parallel with ground and return to starting position.

Ab Crunch on Ball: With band secured to a low attachment, hold handles just behind ears and perform a normal crunch while lying on a stability ball.

Woodchops: Attach band to a low attachment. Holding the handle with both hands, make a diagonal movmement from your right ankle to over and above your left shoulder.

Double Crunch: With band attached securely behind head, hold handles with both hands. Then slowly move hands towards your knees while also bringing your knees inward toward hands.

Single Leg Pulls: With band attached securely at waist level, stand on one foot and pull with opposite hand towards body.

High Kicks: With band under one foot and over the knee of the opposite leg and 90 degrees, raise knee towards ceiling. 

Toe Presses: Wrap band around foot and add desired resisitance, press toes towards ground.


By Doug Long

B.S. Exercise Physiology, HFI