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Walk Away Workout- Interval Training

What You Need to Know: 

Interval Training is when you do repetitions of high-speed/intensity activity followed by periods of rest or low activity.


Walk Away Workout for Your Heart

Why use interval training?

1. If you are stuck in a “workout rut,” intervals can be a new and interesting way to get back in shape and stay motivated.

2. If you have been working out and eating right for a while, but are hitting a weight-loss plateau, interval training can help you get off of this plateau.

3. If you find walking, running, biking, etc. for 30 minutes extremely boring, interval training will keep you from getting bored since you are constantly changing speed, intensity, incline, etc.

You can choose any kind of cardiovascular exercise: treadmill, outdoor walking or running, swimming, elliptical, cycling, etc.

Here are some interval training ideas:  (always warm-up, cool-down, and stretch!)

#1  (Treadmill)

5 Minutes:  RPE 3-4: Warm Up - light walking

2 minutes:  RPE of 5: Increase speed and/or incline from warm-up to slightly higher than comfortable pace

2 minutes:  RPE from 5-6:  Increase the incline 1% every 15 seconds

2 minutes:  RPE from 6-5: Decrease incline 1% every 15 seconds

1 minute:   RPE: 8  Increase speed to fast walk or run

2 minutes: RPE: 5 Decrease speed to recover back to a medium intensity

2 minutes: RPE: 5-7:  Increase incline 1% every 15 seconds

2 minutes: RPE 7-5:  Decrease incline 1% every 15 seconds

1 minute:  RPE 8:  Increase incline to 5-10%, work as hard as you can (don't kill yourself!)

2 minutes: RPE 5:  Decrease incline to 0% to recover back to medium intensity

5 minutes:  RPE 3:  Cool down by walking at a comfortable pace (same as warm up) Total Workout Time:  26  minutes

Use the Rate of Perceived Exertion Scale: An RPE of 1 means very very easy. A 9-10 means you’re so out of breath you cannot speak, and people nearby can hear you heaving. For the fittest people, shoot for level 9-10 work intervals. Beginners should aim for level 6 or 7.

#2 20 Minute Treadmill Session

Run at a high intensity (RPE 6-9) for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Walk at RPE 4-6 for 2 minutes.

Repeat cycle 7 more times.

#3 40 Minute Cycling Session

Cycle at a high intensity (RPE 6-9) for 1 minute. Follow with 3 minutes of lighter cycling (RPE 4-6). Repeat cycle 10 times.

#4 Elliptical Interval Training

Increase speed and/or incline for the first minute of a song. Slow down on a flatter grade for the remainder of the song. For a greater challenge - Increase speed for 3 minutes, then decrease for 3 minutes.

Choose the number of times you would like to repeat the cycle.

#5 Track Interval Training

Run (high intensity) for 400 meters. Jog for 200 meters.

Repeat 8-10 times.

*Note: This may also be done with walking instead of running (or a combination of both).

By Katie Chester, CPT

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