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Health & Wellness Initiatives Timeline

What You Need to Know: 

Establishing a "self-funded" health plan for staff and faculty in 1997 has enabled the University of Kentucky to develop versatile approaches to benefit management, with notable results in containing costs and improving overall health and the delivery of health care services to its employees. Since 2001, the University has made a concerted effort to build on this initial success with a number of health and wellness initiatives.

Health & Wellness Initiatives Timeline


  • Health & Wellness' Behavioral Health Improvement Plan (Be.H.I.P.) series of programs launches “Banishing the Blue: A Depression Intervention" course. 


  • Health & Wellness contributes data to University of Kentucky Controlling Healthcare Costs: A Case Study white paper, from the office of University President Lee T. Todd, Jr.


  • BeH.I.P. receives Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Grant in conjunction with Dr. Steven Wolf Virginia Commonwealth University. Total award amount $300,000
  • Pharmacist CARE receives the Pinnacle Award in for its Diabetes Education and Management Program.
  • UK Benefits officials testify before Kentucky legislative Blue Ribbon Panel on Public Employee Health Benefits: panel subsequently recommends that state of Kentucky establish a health incentive program similar to UK's Healthtrac Rewards.


  • UK Healthtrac Rewards Program increases participation reward to up to $15 a month and expands availability to UK spouses who are enrolled in a UK Health Plan.


  • UK Benefits and Wellness staff consult with officials from University of Iowa on success of UK wellness initiatives 


  • UK Healthtrac Rewards Program achieves a total of 7,000 active participants.
  • Success of UK Health & Wellness recognized with national Koop Award Honorable Mention - the first university to be recognized in this way since 1997 and the first to be acknowledged for a broad-based health improvement program.



  • UK Health & Wellness' BeH.I.P. receives Robert Woods Johnson Foundation Grant in conjunction with UK Family Practice to provide customized follow up to patients statewide, through a network of participating family physicians.


  • BeH.I.P. launches “Achieving Balance: A Stress Solution" program.


  • UK officials present data from Health & Wellness program to National CUPA-HR (College and University Professional Association for Human Resources) conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Health & Wellness staff provide data for "University of Kentucky Controlling Healthcare Costs: A Case Study" white paper, published by the office of University of Kentucky President Lee T. Todd, Jr.



  • BeH.I.P. launches “Living with Diabetes" program.

Health & Wellness Initiatives Timeline 


  • UK College of Pharmacy supports creation of diabetes education program for at-risk UK health plan participants.


  • UK Benefits separates pharmacy benefit from overall health benefit and taps Express Scripts to support management of the program; pharmacy benefit changes from fixed copayment to percentage coinsurance; efforts lead to multi-million dollar savings in first year
  • Free prescription counseling hotline establish for UK health plan members, staffed by trained pharmacists who assist callers with managing drug costs and in questions relating to drug efficacy and coindications.
  • Online support tools launched to assist health plan members in choosing health plans and in assessing personal health issues.
  • BeH.I.P launches“Weight Loss for Life" program.


  • Health & Wellness staff finalize UK Healthtrac Rewards Program, which rewards participants for keeping track of healthy behaviors; information is utilized by health counselors to better tailor marketing of wellness services to members.


  • President Todd announces creation of UK Healthtrac Rewards Program as a tool to fight rising healthcare costs and to encourage awareness of University-based health improvement resources.


  • Leading officials in academics and staff management encourage participation in UK Healthtrac Rewards Program
  • BeH.I.P. launches “Reduce the Pressure: A Blood Pressure Reduction Program."


  • BeH.I.P. launches “Exercise for Health" program.


  • Creation of Health Literacy Project, aimed at providing the University community with information and tools to improve health.


  • Press Conference with President Todd and other officials to announce Health Literacy Project.


  • President Todd and the Health Literacy Project host a Leadership Luncheon to announce the purpose and creation of the Health Literacy Project to campus leaders.


  • Health & Wellness staff launch Health Literacy 101 online tool, designed to help UK employees adapt healthy lifestyles.



  • BeH.I.P. is created with first program, focused on smoking cessation.