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Health & Wellness

How Upcoming Transition Affects Healthtrac Offerings/Incentives

The University of Kentucky’s Health & Wellness Program is taking the next step towards making it easy for you to make good health pay. The UK Health & Wellness Program will be transitioning their rewards opportunity from Healthtrac Rewards to a new and improved method for UK employees, retirees and their spouses/sponsored dependents to earn money for increasing awareness of their health status. 

The UK Health & Wellness Program continues to provide core services, which include free one-on-one consults with nutrition, tobacco and exercise experts and on-site fitness facilities. Additionally, UK Health & Wellness is proud to now offer an expanded array of enriching offerings through customized wellness solutions. UK Health & Wellness welcomes the opportunity to work with you, your spouse or your work group to develop a unique solution designed with your needs in mind.

To learn more about UK Health & Wellness offerings, visit our home page or call 859-257-9355. 

Please stay tuned for more information on upcoming offerings in 2014-15!