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Health & Wellness

What Is Healthtrac?

What You Need to Know: 

Healthtrac is an easy-to-use online program that takes a snapshot of your health, highlights areas that need improvement, and offers the tools and support you need to make positive health changes. Plus, you may earn up to $180 per fiscal year with Healthtrac Rewards.

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New users may register at any time, but can't start earning rewards until the Health Assessment is completed. The window to take your Health Assessment is open until March, 31, 2014.


Healthtrac is exclusively for UK employees, retirees, and their spouses or sponsored dependents enrolled in a UK health plan (UK-HMO, UK-PPO, UK-EPO, etc.). 

How to Earn Rewards

For more detail, print the step-by-step guide.

1. Health Assessment: Complete your Health Assessment twice per year. (July - September and January - March) Earn $30 for each completed Health Assessment – up to $60 per fiscal year. Important: At least one Health Assessment must be completed before you begin earning any rewards for the current fiscal year.

2BeH.I.P. or Healthy Living: Enroll in and complete either a BeH.I.P. telephonic health coaching program or an online Healthy Living program. Earn $60 per fiscal year. Important: Program must be completed by June 30 of the current fiscal year to earn the incentive.

3Health Activity Tracker: Log in to your Healthtrac Home Page and earn at least 500 Wellness Credits per month using the Health Activity Tracker. Earn $5 per month. Register now or log in.