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Fitness Facilities

Go to one or both locations, Seaton Center or 1020 Export Street. At either location, you'll enjoy a variety of options for your workout including cardio equipment, strength training circuits, and free weights. Plus, benefit from on-site staff expertise! Read more »

New! Trial Shuttle: MoveWell at Export to Main Campus

A morning and midday shuttle takes you straight to MoveWell at 1020 Export and back to main campus. Read more »

Training Session

Need an exercise plan to meet your goal? One of our fitness specialists will design a routine specifically for you - whether you want to build muscle, manage your weight, keep your heart healthy, take care of your back, or have another health goal. Read more »


Exercise Consult

Have questions about exercise or fitness? Whether you're a MoveWell member or not, we can help for free! Read more »

Group Fitness Classes

Whether you want to focus on the mind-body connection, tone muscles or get your heart rate up, we offer a variety of classes addressing a range of goals! From yoga to bootcamp to aquatics, there's plenty of options to keep you interested. Read more »