Bored with a normal workout? Trying to boost your gains? Implement this circuit into your workout every couple of weeks and see yourself improve. This is a tough workout so be ready.

Equipment Needed

  • Exercise bike
  • Medicine ball: 8-15 lbs


Bike – 1 minute

Rest – 1 minute

Medicine Ball throw downs – 1 minute

Rest – 1 minute

Medicine ball straight-leg dead

lift to overhead squat – 1 minute

Rest – 1 minute

Squat jumps – 1 minute

Rest 3 minutes

Repeat cycle

Rest 3 minutes

Repeat cycle


Ride the exercise bike for 1 minute at any given resistance. The goal of this bike ride is to burn as many calories as you can. Using a medium resistance and pedaling as fast as you can would be the best method.

Medicine Ball Throw-downs

Using an 8-15 lb medicine ball you want to hold the ball above your head and throw it straight down at the ground as hard as you can. It should bounce back up to you somewhat. Continue throwing the ball at the ground for the full minute, trying to get as many reps as you possibly can.

Medicine Ball Straight Leg Deadlift to Overhead Press

Holding a medicine ball at your waist bend over at the hips keeping only a slight bend in your knees. You want to keep your back straight and flat, not arching it.

Stand back up then press the ball over your head. Once the ball is straight above your head with arms locked, perform a squat. That will complete one rep. Continue this series for one minute trying to get as many reps as possible.

Squat Jumps

Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down and then explode up jumping off of the ground. With every rep try to jump as high as you can. When landing making sure you are landing with bent knees to absorb the shock and reduce tension on the knees. Performing this exercise on the mats is a good idea to help absorb shock. Also continue this exercise for a minute trying to get as many reps as you can.