This fall, UK Health & Wellness will launch a new initiative that makes creating a healthful lifestyle easier than ever. Our renewed focus on staff and faculty well-being is based on a whole new approach to health screenings, built around your needs and preferences. In fact, this fall our new on-site health screening experience is coming to a location near you. All employees working half-time and above are invited to participate.

On a UK health plan (regular employee, half-time or above)? You’ll earn a $100 rebate for participating. Not on UK health plan? You’ll still benefit from the experience! All employees have the opportunity to engage with our experts to create a wellness path uniquely your own. During your 30-minute appointment you will:

  • Gain an informed perspective on your health measures (blood pressure, cholesterol and more)
  • Understand the resources and opportunities available to you in the weeks and months following your screening.
  • Co-create a personalized action plan – with a level of support you choose - to support your well-being
  • Walk away with a clear next step to build a healthy lifestyle

This new initiative builds upon the success of two programs offered in the recent past: Wellness on Wheels mobile health screenings and Healthtrac Rewards. It combines the benefits of these popular programs, while dramatically expanding opportunities for one-on-one support.