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EatWell Weight Loss

Join the 79% of participants who met their weight loss goals. Choose the program that fits with your schedule: online, evening or lunchtime classes are available. Read more »

Health Coaching

Stressed? Build capacity for increased well-being with our health coaching program. It's free and completely tailored to you! Read more »

Unleashing Well-Being Weekly Practice Group

Tired of feeling overwhelmed? Our Unleashing Wellbeing weekly practice group will help you thrive. There's a few spots left! Read more »


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Access your internal resources and feel more balanced. You'll learn safe and effective mind-body skills in this MBSR program. Read more »

Tobacco Cessation Coaching

Do you want to become tobacco-free? We can help! Read more »

Treadmill Desk Workstation

Walk while you work?! Yes, it is possible. Read more »

Wildcat Wheels

Need some wheels? Check out a bicycle from the UK Wildcat Wheels library. Read more »