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UK LiveWell Check In

A Conversation-Based Health Screening

Become aware of your health status and re-connect with what matters most to your health and well-being. Your 20-minute appointment includes:

  • A comprehensive health screening
    This will include a finger stick (as painless as possible) and nearly instant results for cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and more.
  • The highlights of your results
    You’ll receive a helpful overview of results, including visuals that will help you understand your health measures in a broader context. Because we know your numbers are not the whole story about your current health status, we'll talk about just a few of them in terms of your overall well-being.
  • An opportunity to reflect and set goals
    What area of your health would be the most impactful in increasing your day-to-day sense of well-being? You’ll be guided through thinking about some of these bigger picture questions.
  • An invitation to move forward in a way that works for you
    Think of this experience as a gateway to a vast array of UK experts and resources dedicated to supporting your health and well-being. The rest is up to you!

Moving Forward After Your Check In

As the name implies, your Check In appointment is just the beginning. You’ll leave your appointment empowered with:

  • Your personalized booklet with your health screening results and well-being notes
  • Access to your private screening results in our secure UK LiveWell dashboard that includes educational information about each health measure
  • Knowledge of a specific next step you could take and the resources and tools you could use to make it happen

Prepping for your appointment

It is very important to be hydrated, so drink a lot of water the morning of your appointment. Also, staying warm around your appointment time will help ensure an easier blood draw from your finger stick.

For the health screening portion of the Check In, we offer two options: fasting and non-fasting. It's up to you to choose which option will work for you on your appointment date. Please note: for the most accurate reading for glucose and triglycerides you will need to fast for 9-12 hours prior to your appointment. We realize this isn’t always practical or easy depending on your appointment time, so don’t worry if you choose not to fast: Non-fasting results are accurate within 2% for total cholesterol and HDL. Glucose and triglyceride results will be interpreted based on non-fasting results. If you have diabetes and wish to fast prior to participating, please check with your doctor to see if and how to fast in a way that is best for you.

Fall 2015: A Focus on UK Spouses/Sponsored Dependents 

From September 16 to December 18, 2015, UK spouses/sponsored dependents on a UK health plan will be eligible to participate in the UK LiveWell Check In. All eligible participants on UK health plans will receive a $100 health plan rebate after completing a Check In.

Coming to a Location Convenient to You

We do our best to ensure our events are convenient and accessible to the population we're serving each semester. Click here to view all fall 2015 event dates and locations.

In our efforts to serve our diverse a variety of groups within our UK community, we’re excited to offer Check In appointments during the following eligibility windows:

UK employees' spouses/sponsored dependents on a UK health plan Fall 2015
Regular UK employees working .5 FTE and above (on-campus) Fall 2016
New UK employees: hired before December 9, 2016 (on-campus) Fall 2016
New UK employees: hired on or after December 12, 2016 (on-campus) Spring 2017
UK retirees & retirees’ spouses on a UK health plan Spring 2017
Off-campus employees working .5 FTE and above  Spring 2017

$100 Health Plan Rebate

Only during their eligibility window, UK health plan members who complete a Check In will receive $100 (pre-tax) as a health plan rebate for the current fiscal year.

  • A spouse/sponsored dependent of a UK employee will receive the rebate on the UK employee's paycheck in accordance with the below timing:
    • Those receiving bi-weekly paychecks will receive the rebate on the paycheck following their completed appointment.
    • Those receiving monthly paychecks will receive the rebate on the monthly paycheck that follows the month during which they participated (e.g., if appointment is completed in September, payment will be made in October).

As an eligible participant, is there another way I can earn my $100 rebate if I’m unable to attend a Check In?

Yes, but only during your eligibility window. Simply complete this alternate process during your eligibility window:

  1. Take a 10-minute online Check In questionnaire.
  2. Submit documentation from your health care provider by December 18, 2015. This should include bloodwork and other health measures, as detailed in the link below. This information must be from a provider visit that took place on or after January 1, 2015.
    • See a UK HealthCare provider? You will send specific documentation from the new My UK HealthCare online patient portal. It's a convenient, secure way for you to to access health measures, get health maintenance reminders and more. 
    • See a provider outside of the UK network? You and your provider will complete a form to submit to UK Health & Wellness.

Are you unable to attend an in-person Check In? Click here to begin the alternate process »


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