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Health & Wellness

Become An Advocate

What You Need to Know: 

Advocates are vital to our mission and anyone who has a genuine interest in sharing the messages of Health and Wellness is welcome to become one. You do not need to be an accomplished athlete or wellness guru to be an advocate — just an everyday person who recognizes the importance of Health and Wellness with a drive to spread the word and the interest in volunteering for at least one year. Any UK employee, retiree, or their spouses/sponsored dependents can become an Advocate.

Time Commitment

Health & Wellness Advocates are asked to volunteer for at least one year, and to distribute information once or twice a month, as they receive it. We hold two Advocate meetings each year, which are announced via e-mail. 

Advocate Requirements

  • Each Advocate must represent UK Health & Wellness in a positive manner that reflects the mission and goals of the department.
  • Advocates are required to attend at least one meeting each calendar year. Otherwise, we will assume that you are no longer an Advocate.
  • Advocates must promote participation in UK Health & Wellness programs and events by distributing flyers and/or e-mails and acting as a representative of Health & Wellness in the UK community.  

How Advocates Promote Enthusiasm & Participation 

  • Creating or assisting with a marketing display such as a Health & Wellness bulletin board in your office suite.
  • Distributing promotional flyers/brochures.
  • Making “What's going on in Health & Wellness?” announcements in staff meetings.
  • Using departmental distribution lists to send e-mails about new or upcoming programs.
  • Ensuring that Health & Wellness News inserts are available to department employees.
  • Informally encouraging co-workers to get involved in Health & Wellness.
  • Passing along any departmental requests for programming to the Health & Wellness staff. 

Perks of Being an Advocate

  • Reduced rate for Body Shop membership
  • Community of UK employees who share your interest in healthful living

Join the Advocate Team

If you'd like to join our Advocate team, please e-mail us or call the Health & Wellness office at (859) 257-WELL (9355).

*Note: To be taken off the Advocate list, simply notify the Health & Wellness office by phone at 257-9355 or e-mail