Management of work-life is an ongoing process. Work-life is different for different people. It may mean seeking flexibility in your workplace or finding community resources that will help you manage your personal responsibilities.

The University of Kentucky values effective management of work and personal life of all employees and strives to be an employer of choice. UK Work-Life supports this effort.

Our Goals

  • Improve work-life satisfaction among faculty and staff, according to results of the university-wide Work-Life Survey.
  • Enhance campus/community collaborations in areas where opportunities exist to build diversity and increase inclusion -- specifically as it relates to the diverse work-life needs of UK employees (e.g. parenting, eldercare, mental health and counseling).
  • Lead outreach, service, and engagement opportunities with individuals to provide knowledge and expertise about Work-Life, Eldercare, and Mental Health to improve lives and benefit communities.

How We Reach Our Goals

Objective: Provide strategies, solutions, and support to build one great place to work with an environment that helps employees be effective and productive, through being able to manage work, family, and personal responsibilities.

Who We Are

Erika Chambers, Ph.D.
Work-Life Director
106 Scovell Hall
Phone: (859) 257-1003
Lisa R. Collins
Work-Life Staff Support
204 Breckenridge Hall
Phone: (859) 257-8763


Elder Care

Terri Weber, MSW
Elder Care Specialist
204 Breckenridge Hall
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0219
Phone: (859) 323-4600 or 1 (800) 873-8532 toll-free
Fax: 323-4728

Work+Life Connections

Ann Bassoni, MSW, LCSW
Work+Life Connections Coordinator
Phone: (859) 257-9433

Request a free Work+Life Connections consultation:
Lisa Collins
Work+Life Connections Assistant
Phone: (859) 218-0461