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What You Need to Know: 

Please contact the appropriate department staff within Work-Life as needed. Feel free to reach out for copies of any materials related to Work-Life programs such as Work+Life Connections counseling and Elder Care or for more information on topics listed on our Resources page.

Work-Life Office

Erika Chambers, Ph.D.
Work-Life Director
106 Scovell Hall
Phone: (859) 257-1003

Lisa R. Collins
Work-Life Staff Support
107 Scovell Hall
Phone: (859) 257-8763


Elder Care

Terri Weber, MSW
Elder Care Specialist
155 Seaton Center
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0219
Phone: (859) 323-4600 or 1 (800) 873-8532 toll-free
Fax: 323-4728

Work+Life Connections

Ann Bassoni, MSW, LCSW
Work+Life Connections Coordinator
Phone: (859) 257-9433

Request a free Work+Life Connections consultation:
Lisa Collins
Work+Life Connections Assistant
Phone: (859) 218-0461

Work Life Advisory Council

The Advisory Council on Work-Life was established to demonstrate and reinforce a long-term commitment to a positive work-life climate at the University of Kentucky. The Council on Work-Life will advise the University regarding work-life related issues and ensure that excellence in work-life practices and philosophy become part of the fabric of the institution." View the Charge to Advisory Council on Work-Life (PDF).

Advisory Council Members

Name Department Term E-mail Address Phone Representation
Eric N. Monday** UK Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration


2014 7-1841 Co-Chair
Gene "G.T." Lineberry** Associate Provost for Faculty Advancement


2014 3-6589 Co-Chair
James Blackwell Maintenance Superintendent/CPPD Operations 2014 7-8806  
Jody Ensman Health and Wellness Program Ex-Officio 7-3363 Wellness Program
Mary Ferlan HR - Administration Ex-Officio 7-9186 HR
Greg S. Franseth Research Information Services 2014 7-8308  
Nathaniel Hopkins Counseling and Testing Center 2013 7-8701  
Angela Lang UK HealthCare Service Excellence 2014 3-6055 UKHC
Terry Olson Farm Service Center 254-1434 Staff Senate
Dan O'Hair College of Communication and Information Studies 2014 3-1100 x80480  
Armando Prats English Department 2014 ajprat1@uky.ed 7-7005 Faculty
Randa R. Remer College of Health Sciences 2013 218-0545  
Thalethia B. Routt Office of Legal Counsel 2014 7-6371 Legal
Sharon A. Taylor Acute Care and Dialysis Services 2013 3-5292 Health Care
Meredith Wells-Lepley College of Social Work Ex-Officio 3-0583 Faculty
Kim Wilson HR - Administration Ex-Officio 7-4751 HR
**Denotes Co-Chair