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What You Need to Know: 

1 in 4: That’s how many adult Americans live with a diagnosable mental health condition. While mental health and substance conditions are common, they are extremely treatable. Learn more by requesting a free mental health kit.

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UK Work+Life Connections is spreading the word about mental health and how important it is to overall health.

Many people living with a mental health condition—as high as 50 percent—never seek or receive help due to stigma, lack of information, cost or lack of health insurance coverage. Many people may be reluctant to ask for help or don’t know where to find it. But there are many community and national resources that can help people find support and treatment, including the five free counseling sessions offered by Work+Life Connections. 

It’s important that more people have access to treatment and services because there is a great deal of knowledge about how to identify and even prevent mental health conditions. And there are tested tools available that can help every person face difficult times and challenges and improve their resiliency.

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Click here to request your FREE Mental Health Kit.