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Lactation in the Workplace

What You Need to Know: 

The University of Kentucky has Breastfeeding and Lactation Support Guidelines in place to encourage and support mothers in the workplace. UK Work-Life is committed to assisting mothers who choose to breastfeed in finding an easily accessible, secure space to express milk at work. E-mail or call us at 218-0461 for more information.

Basic Needs

  • Privacy - A private office (with lock) or an on-site, designated room with an electrical outlet.
  • Flexible breaks and work options - Breastfeeding mothers will need 2-3 breaks during an 8-hour work day. On average, milk expression can take approximately 20 – 30 minutes but will vary from mother to mother, depending upon a number of factors such as physical health, emotional and physical stress, milk production, prior experience with lactation, and equipment.
  • Education - Information and resources to support the mother (and father) in balancing the requirements for breastfeeding with their job responsibilities.
  • Support - A positive, accepting attitude from upper management, supervisors and coworkers helps breastfeeding employees feel confident in their ability to continue working while breastfeeding.

Free Breast Pumps Under ACA

The preventive care provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) states that health plans must cover one breast pump per pregnancy with no cost sharing for female members (i.e. there is no cost to UK employees covered by a UK Healthplan).

Steps for obtaining a double electric breast pump covered under UK Healthplans:

  1. Approximately 30 days prior to your due date or anytime following delivery, obtain a prescription from your pediatrician or OB/GYN for a double electric breast pump. 
  2. Contact one of the medical suppliers listed below. Please have your insurance card and prescription available when you call. 
  • ABLEcare, Home Oxygen & Medical Equipment: (859) 253-5353 (299 Gold Rush Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40503)
  • Bryam Healthcare: (877) 773-1972
  • Edgepark: (888) 394-5375
  • VDT Turning Point @ Grogan's: (859) 254-6661 (offices are located on Virginia Avenue). For ease of service, you can also fill out and fax THIS form to the number listed on the document BEFORE you call Grogan's. 

      3.  The medical supplier will ship the new breast pump to you or will provide options for pick-up. 

Finding A Space

Currently, these are the designated lactation spaces. Other temporary spaces may be available or offered to accomodate working mothers' needs. Please e-mail for more information.

Patterson Office Tower

This lactation space is located in Patterson Office Tower 214A (second floor). You can access the room via the kitchen between 7:30/8:00 AM and 6:00 PM Monday – Friday; this space is closed on the weekends. No key is needed since the door locks from the inside. You are welcome to stop by POT 202 in the Dean’s office to have someone show you the room.
Contact and reservations: Abbie Loynachan, 859-257-1375 or 


Kentucky Clinic

This lactation space is on the ground floor of the Kentucky Clinic in room K008. You can access this room 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday – Friday; it is closed on the weekends. To use the room, stop by the information desk on the 1st floor of the Kentucky Clinic and sign-out the key; please return this key to the information desk after you leave.
Contact and reservations: Kentucky Clinic Information Desk at 257-9805. Reservations can be made in person at the Information Desk.


Moms Express, Chandler Hospital

This lactation space is located in room N301G, and is easily accessible by taking Elevator C to the third floor. You can access this room 24/7 except for some holidays. The room remains unlocked, but please go to the nursing station down the hall if you cannot open the door. There are 3 pumping stations separated by curtains and partitions. Medela Symphony hospital grade pumps are available, but mothers will need to bring their own tubing.
Contact and reservations: Lactation Department, 859-323-4880 or beeper: 859-330-6396, (Reservations are not available.)


UK Good Samaritan Hospital

This lactation space is located in Room B103A -- across from the Security/ID Badge Office on the 1st floor.
Contact and reservations: You can access this room via a key code (available by calling the Administration Office at 226-7150) or asking Security for access.


Peterson Service Building

This lactation space is located on the 2nd floor. 
Contact and Reservations: Katie Bailey, (859) 218-5131 


W.T. Young Library

This lactation space at W.T. Young Library is currently being renovated. It is expected to reopen in mid-August 2014. 



If you are not close to a designated space, consider other possibilities:

  • an office (your own or a borrowed one)
  • a conference room (schedule yourself at regular times)

Download a "Privacy Please" Doorhanger for your workspace, or e-mail Lisa R. Collins at to request a copy.

For help locating space, please contact:

New UK Lactation Guidelines

Recognizing the importance of breastfeeding for both mothers and their infants, and of promoting a family-friendly work and study environment, the University provides breastfeeding and lactation guidelines. Read more.

Lactation Resources & Links

Where to find breastfeeding help and support. Read more.

UK Healthcare Recognized for Excellence in Lactation Care


Employee Success Stories

UK employees offer suggestions on how to continue breastfeeding after you return to work. Learn more.

We are looking for success stories and tips from mothers who have successfully managed breastfeeding while working at UK. If you have advice or information you would like to share, please e-mail your information to in the Work-Life office.