Program Documents

Click to view the guidelines for the Reduced Seasonal Hours Program.

The Application Process

The responsibility of approving or denying reduced seasonal hours applications has been given to the departments. Although applications must be submitted to Work-Life for documentation purposes, it is not necessary to obtain additional HR approval.

Click to view the application for the Reduced Seasonal Hours Program.The applications will go to the Work-Life Office for tabulation and review.

Changing the Employee's FTE and Personnel Subarea

The SAP Business Instructions outline the procedures (pages 9 - 12 pertain to the Reduced Seasonal Hours Program), and may be accessed by clicking the link below or copying it into your browser:

Regular staff positions are maintained in Compensation. The instructions for changing the FTE and Personnel Subarea by the dept users are applicable only during the Reduced Seasonal Hours Program. Department users should not over-ride the FTE or Personnel Subarea on regular staff employees or positions at any other time.

Overriding the Personnel Subarea by the department on regular staff positions at any other time could result in non-compliance with State and Federal Regulations, which govern such things as requirements for posting positions, position exemption status, etc. For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires a salary of $455 per week to qualify as an exempt position, regardless of FTE. If this criterion is not met, Compensation must be involved and the employee must be moved to a non-exempt classification.

Please return the employee to their regular schedule at the end of the approved reduced seasonal hours.