UK Human Resources

FAQs - Reduced Seasonal Hours

1. Who is eligible?

Regular, clinically non-essential staff members with an assignment of 0.75 FTE (full-time equivalent) or greater and in good standing within their departments are eligible to participate in the Reduced Seasonal Hours Program.

2. What options are available to .75 or greater?

Regular, clinically non-essential staff members with an assignment of 0.75 FTE (full-time equivalent) or greater are eligible to take leave without pay in full-week increments.

3. Why can't I reduce my hours to less than 0.75?

A reduction in hours below 0.75 would change a full-time employee's status to part-time and would result in a loss of benefits.

4. If multiple people from one department make a request for reduced summer or winter hours, how is it decided who is approved?

The decision is at the discretion of the immediate supervisor or division head. The decision may be based upon criteria such as: workload, performance, the unique duties of each position, and possibly length of service and time in position.

5. How long can I participate in the program?

Employees may request to participate in the program for any length of time during the Reduced Seasonal Hours beginning May 4, 2014 - August 23, 2014. Leave without pay must be taken in full-week increments.

6. Can I change my mind after I've completed the enrollment form and obtained approvals?

Once the form has been completed and approvals have been obtained, the agreement must be maintained for a minimum of two weeks.

7. How much will my pay be reduced?

Non-exempt employees will be paid at the same hourly rate and pay is simply reduced based on the number of hours worked. Exempt employees' status will be changed to less than full-time exempt status. The salary will be reduced on a pro-rated basis based on the change in FTE.

8. How will my medical benefits be affected?

If in a paid status, your benefits will continue being deducted at your normal rate. If in an unpaid status, your benefits will be deducted retroactively once you return to a paid status. You may contact the Employee Benefits Office with questions regarding your benefit deductions at (859) 257-9519 and select option 3.

9. How will my retirement contribution be affected?

Your retirement contributions will be made in accordance with the amount of your new pay (as a result of the number of hours worked). If in an unpaid status, retirement contributions will not continue during the period of unpaid leave.

10. Will my years of service (calculated for determining retirement eligibility) be affected during the period of reduced hours or leave?

Yes. Your regular years of service will be adjusted based on your FTE during that time. For example, you will accrue 75% of your regular full-time service if reducing to 0.75 FTE. If in an unpaid status, that time period is not included in the calculation of your regular years of service.

11. Will the reduced hours or unpaid leave affect my vacation and sick leave accruals.

Yes. If in a paid status, your accruals will be calculated on a prorated basis. If in an unpaid status, you will not accrue leave(s) (i.e. vacation, temporary disability leave and holiday leave).