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What is Workplace Flexibility?

What You Need to Know: 

Workplace flexibility is rethinking how work has been “traditionally” accomplished. It means adjusting work hours outside the 8:00 – 5:00. It means sometimes working from locations other than on campus – at a home office, the library, a coffee shop. For many departments and teams, workplace flexibility is the new norm for how work gets done.

UK Workplace Flexibility Resources

Full-Time Options:

  • Flextime: Adjusting start and end times to meet department and/or employee needs without reducing the number of hours worked each day or week. This can range from individual employee start and end times to department “core hours” when all employees must be present (e.g. between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.).
  • Telework: Adjusting the primary workplace location to meet department and/or employee needs. A common arrangement is for an employee to work from their home office one or two days per week
  • Compressed workweek: A standard workweek compressed into fewer than five days (e.g. 4-10’s, 3-13’s)

Reduced-Hours Options:

  • Part-time: Adjusting total number of regular hours worked to less than full-time. Please note that this option involves a pro-rated salary and benefits.
  • Phased return from leave: Temporarily adjusting the number of hours worked each week to less than full time after returning from an extended leave (e.g. Family Medical Leave for the birth or adoption of a child). Please note that this option involves a pro-rated salary and benefits.
  • Phased retirement: Employees with 15 years or more of eligible service and who are aged 60 are older may be able to reduce their hours as a way of “phasing” into their retirement. Additional details are available here.

How do I request a flexwork arrangement?

  • Fill out THIS form if you're requesting telework. Fill out THIS form if you're requesting any other type of flexible work. 
  • A copy of the submitted form is sent via e-mail to the employee, the supervisor, and the Office of Work-Life. 
  • The supervisor review the request e-mail, has a conversation with the employee (if they didn't discuss prior to the request) and then makes a decision to approve, request modifications, or deny the request. 
  • The supervisor will reply to the employee's request and cc the Office of Work-Life with their decision. If the request was for Reduced Seasonal Hours, the supervisor should also cc their budget officer. Information for budget officers is HERE.

If approved, employee can start the flexwork request at the agreed upon start date. We strongly encourage the manager and employee to have a check-in conversation after 90 days and then at least one per year to discuss what is working well and what may need to change. 

Who can request a flexwork arrangement?
All employees can request a flexwork arrangement, and all supervisors are encouraged to think creatively about how flexwork could work within their team. However, flexwork arrangements may not be appropriate for all employees or all positions. For additional information, please see our Guide to Flexible Work at UK

UK Supervisors who have implemented flexible work solutions have found there are many benefits: