Certificate - Vocal Pedagogy

The Graduate Certificate of Vocal Pedagogy is housed within the College of Fine Arts.

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Assessment Plan

Here you can review the Assessment Plan for the Graduate Certificate of Vocal Pedagogy program.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Student Learning Outcomes for the Graduate Certificate of Vocal Pedagogy are:

  1. After MUS 665 the students will then be equipped with the basic knowledge of anatomy/physiology and acoustics of the voice. Students will have acquired the basic tools to know and understand the importance of selecting suitable repertoire for each individual, in order to positively compliment and understand the technical growth of each individual voice.
  2. Students will teach one half hour lessons of each gender in classroom presentation, 2-3 out of class lessons previous to the lesson presentation, and submit a written lesson plan. The lesson plan is to include the singers’ background, warm up exercises of body and voice, goals of these warm ups, and if the singers’ experience permits; song repertoire may be included. Student must demonstrate in lesson presentation a good understanding of acoustical difference of male and female voices, as well as different voice type difference.
  3. Students will meet with the director of the program and establish a specified goal within pedagogy to observe in the upcoming semester. Once the student submits and has an approved proposal of the above goal, he/she schedules times within each vocal studio to observe voice lessons. A final report is submitted at the end of the semester in regards to the original proposal, and the faculty will also submit forms of attendance and participation of the student to the director.

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ALL Outcomes

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ALL Outcomes

Annual Reporting

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