The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) is a nationally–normed, authentic assessment developed by the Council for Aid to Education to measure institutional achievements in student learning in four key general education core skills: critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving, and written communication. CLA results are controlled for incoming academic ability.

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Cross-Sectional Study

The University of Kentucky first administered the CLA as part of a longitudinal study of the general education learning of UK undergraduates in fall 2007. The initial administration tested two cohorts: (1) first-time, full-time freshman and (2) UK seniors. This test design ensures that the initial results are immediately useful as a cross-sectional (or "snapshot") analysis of learning. A basic summary of the cross-sectional results are included in the tables below; the full institutional report is available here: 2007-2009 Cross-Sectional Institutional Report.

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Longitudinal Study

A complete picture of UK’s general education learning, however, can only be gleaned from following a single cohort through their general education learning experience. Therefore, the longitudinal design of the CLA required that it be administered to the same cohort three times: first in fall 2007, next in spring 2009, and finally, in spring 2011. The summary results are provided in the tables below. The full institutional report is available at the following link: 2007-2011 Longitudinal Results.

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