Course Level Assessment

University Assessment works to assist faculty in finding suitable and useful ways to assess course level learning.  Contact OSPIE staff if you would like to learn more about: 

  • Developing course level learning outcomes
  • Mapping course level activities to the course’s learning outcomes
  • Mapping course level outcomes to program level outcomes
  • Designing assignments to match learning outcomes
  • Designing rubrics, tests, or other assessment tools for course level assessment
  • Using results to improve teaching and learning in the course

Value and Benefits of Course Level Assessment

  • Clarify your learning outcomes, objectives, and activities of the course.
  • Receive feedback about learning in the course so that improvements can be made for future learners.
  • When properly aligned to program learning outcomes, the data can be used to measure and improve learning in the program.


Course-Based Review and Assessment: Methods for Understanding Student Learning – Includes worksheets to help simplify your course assessment development process.

Teaching Goals Inventory – Complete the inventory about a single class to generate a report that helps you focus the outcomes of your course.

National Teaching and Learning Forum -  Discover what teaching and learning practices peers across the U.S. are using to advance and measure student learning in the classroom.