University Presentations

The UK Office of University Assessment provides workshops and presentations on the subject related to assessment and student learning for large and small groups.  To request a workshop, please follow this link.  Recent workshops and presentations are listed below.

Upcoming Workshops

Assessment 101 Workshop To Be Scheduled in WT Young  (Keeneland Room)


Recorded Workshop Presentations

 Guidelines for Creating an Assessment Plan

 This tutorial will assist faculty in the creation of a program  assessment plan that is both useful for guiding assessment  processes, as well as compliant with the University’s assessment plan guidelines.   

  Creating an A+ Improvement Action Plan

 Assessment reporting is important because it provides outsiders  with an understanding of how learning is  measured in degree  programs.  This video will explain how to simply write SLO reports in a way that SACS  reviewers and UAC liaisons can best understand.  


 Curriculum Mapping: Aligning Program Outcomes and  Accreditation  Standards to Courses, Assignments, and  Test Items

 This presentation was given to the College of Pharmacy.




Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Student Learning Outcomes Assessment