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Academic Training

Academic Training is employment related to J-1 students’ major field of study.  It is permitted while students are pursuing a program of study or after completion of that program.  The Academic Training period may not exceed the amount of time spent in the full course of study. For computation of Academic Training, part-time employment is counted as full-time.

Employment is employer specific, so any change in employment requires a new recommendation from the Advisor/DGS and a new authorization from the Responsible Officer.

Bachelors and Masters students are permitted an overall limit of 18 months of Academic Training related to their field of study.

After completion of a doctoral degree, students may pursue Academic Training for an initial period of 18 months; however, prior to the end of the first 18-months period, they can extend their employment authorization for an additional 18 months.  Another DS-2019 must be issued to reflect their extension of employment and a new authorization letter is required.

Please note: Students who are subject to the 2-year home-country residency requirement (212e), see below, and have received a waiver recommendation from the Department of State are no longer eligible for an extended DS-2019.   However, their current DS-2019 is still valid for the period of time indicated in “Box 3.”

To obtain authorization for Academic Training, students must submit the following:

Upon receipt of these documents, the ARO in 216 Bradley Hall, Franny Henkel or John Honeycutt, will review the application.  If the student is eligible, a letter of employment authorization with the specific employer and a new DS-2019 will be issued to the student.  Employment may not begin prior to this authorization.  It will take approximately one week to complete the paperwork.