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KY Educators' China Trip

The UK Confucius Institute is pleased to announce the 2016 Summer China Trip ---- an 12-day education trip hosted by the UK Confucius Institute and designed to help education decision-makers start and expand their Chinese language and culture programs. Since this trip is sponsored and subsidized by the UK Confucius Institute, all expenses within China are paid by the UKCI, and participants will bear the responsibility for international round trip airfare and Visa application fee.

The travel dates are: June 18 to June 29, 2016

Application Process: 
1. To apply online, visit: 
UK Confucius Institute 2016 China Trip for Kentucky Educators Registration Form
2. Fill out the application form and submit your application online.

Application deadline: March 15, 2016. 
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
Please email Jie Dai at to register or for questions.

*2015 Summer China Trip
Schools in Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing welcomed Kentucky teachers, who visited China to learn first-hand about Chinese culture and participate in a cross-cultural dialogue about K-12 education.

Participants visited a range of schools from rural village schools to elite academies to observe how Chinese educators meet the diverse needs of their students

*2013 Summer China Trip
Ten Kentucky superintendents and principals went on the 2nd UK Confucius administrator's trip to China on June 21 – July 2, 2013. Participants included superintendents and administrators from Fayette County, Jefferson County and UK College of Education.

The group experienced historical, cultural highlights and schools in four cities: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Suzhou.

*2012 Summer China Trip
Thirteen Kentucky superintendents and principals went on the first UK Confucius administrator's trip to China on October 24 – November 4, 2012. Participants included superintendents and administrators from Knox County, Floyd County and Woodford County.

The group experienced historical, cultural highlights  and schools in four cities: Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Suzhou.

In Beijing the group visited the Xinghua Elementary School, a school jointly funded by private sources and government for the migrant workers' children; In Xi'an, they visited Gaoxin No. 1 High School and a village school Jianglu Village Middle School. In Shanghai, they visited Danign Elementary School, an international School where students receive bilingual education.

*The following is what educators wrote about the trip:
"Our trip to China was very rewarding experience personally and professionally for which I will always be grateful. Indeed, the trip proved to be enlightening and invigorating in ways that surpassed my imagination.  I deepened my knowledge about China considerably during our cultural trips and appreciated the opportunity to visit schools and share ideas about Education.  I was taken with the warm hospitality provided by the school officials who received us. I sincerely hope the trip marks the beginning of developing partnerships with colleagues in schools there as well as with those from schools in Kentucky who were part of our delegation," said Karen Brannon, a Professor in UK's College of Education.

"I thank you so much for a trip of a lifetime both personally and professionally," said Walter Hulet, Superintendent of Knox County.

"This trip really gave me the opportunity to experience Chinese culture and history first hand.  I was totally blown away by the architecture, art, and history that we were able to experience first hand.  As an educator I was also exposed to Chinese schools, classrooms, and students.  This trip has been an invaluable experience that has impacted my educational philosophies and goals," said Mike Stacy, Chief Academic Officer, Woodford County Public Schools

"The experiences this trip offered, have better equipped me to fully understand and appreciate our Chinese program within Woodford County Schools.  I can better communicate to our teachers, staff, superintendent, Board members and the entire community the value and importance of our Chinese program in our schools," said Sam Watkins, Director of K-12 Instructional Programs for Woodford County Schools.